No Digging – the smart solution!

We provide cost-effective solutions and products to our customers. Our products are of high quality and have a long lifespan. We strive for a NO DIG solution that leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

Our services in foundation work, drilling, horizontal drilling, and geotechnical work provide lower costs and environmentally friendly and solid solutions.

We are constantly working to develop our services and products, which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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We provide building and construction services, foundations, earth screws, and our own developed solar panel stands produced in Sweden and Norway.

We aim to offer solutions for projects that can provide our customers with a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

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Screwing foundations into the ground is a modern method of construction, and in many cases can replace concrete. With our wide range of products and accessories, you can find solutions for most of the anchorings you need.

Earth screws are effective to install and competitive in price compared to other fastening techniques such as casting or burying concrete foundations. The screw is also easy to remove for reuse when you have set up a temporary construction. Our self-developed solar panel stands have been mounted on earth screws for over 8 years and are a good example of flexibility and lifespan in important constructions.

Depending on what is to be attached to the earth screw, there are a variety of accessories and applications that we customize.

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Stands for land-based solar panels • We sell and install • Stands in iron and aluminum rails

• Installed with earth screws and mounting brackets

Advantages of setting up land-based solar panels • Easy to choose the right direction and angle

• Fit more panels by building vertically • Easy to change the size of the installation afterwards • Easier maintenance and cleaning

• Everything can be disassembled, nothing needs to remain Mounting solutions • Simple, double, or triple row • Vertical or horizontal panels • Optional angle

Example of stands • GPS-driven electric sun tracker, two-axis • Manual sun tracker, two-axis • Stand on land, single row, 30 degrees

• Stand on land, double row, 30 degrees • Stand on land, double row, 45 degrees • Stand on land, can be expanded from one row and upwards. Optional angle •

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