Solar panel stands, with a 30 year warranty!

Stands for land-based solar panels • We sell and install • Stands in iron and aluminum rails produced in Norway

• Mounted with earth screws and mounting brackets

Advantages of setting up solar panels on land • Easy to choose the right direction and angle

• Space for more panels by building up in height • Easy to change the size of the system afterwards • Easier maintenance and cleaning

• Everything can be dismantled, nothing needs to remain. Mounting solutions • Single, double or triple row • Standing or lying panels • Optional angle

Example of stand • GPS-driven electric sun follower, two-axis • Manual sun follower, two-axis • Stand on land, single row, 30 degrees up to 16 panels

• Stand on land, double row, 30 degrees • Stand on land, double row, 45 degrees • Stand on land, can be extended from one row and upwards. Optional angle